Growing at Home

We have recently become new parents to an 8week old Labradoodle, a throwback to the broken sleep and toilet training (which may I add we had only JUST got out of with our toddler.)

Now more than ever, between the broken sleep, toilet training, and washing being generated, I needed my home to just flat out work.

The past weeks have really given me the boost to push Goals By Lauren. Because my home really has just worked for me, when it came to "crunch" time she delivered. I have been allowed to enjoy our new puppy, deal with my 4yo being on half term, and work from home.

The thing I have appreciated most is that I have time in the evening. To sit, draft blogs & muse about what I can make this space. Drink Gin in peace.



Now obviously, the dog wasn't an overnight decision. Many hours of obsessive planning went into preparing for this decision:

- where will the dog food go?

- where will the crate go?

- What will I store the toys in?

- How/where can I set up a safe play space for when either myself or my husband is in meetings?

- I need to re-do the playroom so the toys aren't dog accessible.

- Baby Gates - where did I put the baby gates?

- How can I split the cat food/cat litter?

So taking each element in turn:

Food: I turned to my trusted Amazon and purchase a really great pet food storage TOWER. So I can compartmentalize the dog and the cat food.

This fit perfectly in my utility and came with handy scoops!

Crate: I had dreams of it fitting beautifully under the breakfast bar/island counter. But alas, upon erecting the crate (Amazon again: AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding...) it was not meant to be.

This for me is a problem, I don't react well when my plan doesn't work. So after a glass of wine. I accepted that my need for aesthetic perfection was going to have to take a back burner. The crate was placed squarely under my favourite print in the Dining Area of the Kitchen/Diner.

Toys/Play Space: These two elements actually ended up being dealt with by one absolute gem of a product purchased from Aldi. It's there soft Play/Travel crate. Its the perfect size for our 8week old puppy. He has a soft blanket, his water, his favourite toys and space to chew/move about/play.

I also invested in some baskets from NEXT for around the home storage spots & both look fab and I am really pleased with them.

Playroom: This was a project but the one I am most pleased with. I invested in some storage from Ikea - specifically the TROFAST range. Such a great array of bucket/drawer storage at a child-friendly height. Everything is now packed away, replicating his school systems, so he finds it so easy to independently tidy up.

I am going to do a whole blog post on this space - as it totally deserves it.

Babygates/Cats: Again these went hand in hand, after a long-winded 30minute mental dump on my husband of my cat woes and worries. We decided that the baby gates could be the solution and luckily its worked perfectly. One on the living room door to keep my 4yo separated from the puppy, one at the utility entrance blocking the cat litter/food/shoes/coats/mud area.



The planning and effort put into preparing for his arrival and creating some continuity in our home have ultimately made our existing home practices so much easier to manage - even in all the chaos! Meaning this Mamma gets to sit in a candle-lit bundle of fluff enjoying her new puppy with a lovely Whitby Gin and Fevertree.

Live your best Home Life.

Lauren xox


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