Goals By Lauren

Hi, my name is Lauren.

I have a few dedicated passions in life which never fail to support me: Wine, organisation, and planning. I love a plan. I am also very partial to Yoga. I like to bake, I am an excellent cook and Ikea IS my place of reflection and worship.

I hold dearly the following roles, putting untold and inexplicable self-inflicted pressure for perfection in execution: Mother, Wife, Home-Maker, Professional. Taking a more-often-than-not back seat is probably the most crucial role: Me.

It is a most frequently confused notion that "I have it all together- ALL of the time" this basis is normally concluded on the following factors:

1. I never have ironing

2. My washing basket is nearly always empty

3. My house is immaculate - not just tidy. Architectural Digest could attend at any given moment and I would not be flustered.

4. I always have anything/everything to host any occasion from a quick surprise cuppa to an impromptu gathering.

For the longest of time, I have been almost embarrassed to embrace these triumphs. Worried that I would be judged as a self-proclaimed version of perfection, better than all the rest. Unapproachable, cold. Intensely negative associations to summarise it more succinctly.

After quite a hard year personally, I have realised that it is the effort I put into creating a sustainable working systematic environment that allows me to operate in the way I do. It allows me to enjoy hosting and fill moments for myself.

I haven't figured out the full how and what to achieve my goal but here it is:

Hi, my name is Lauren. I want to show and example working systems within a home that are easily adaptable and will make your home, work for you.

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